de Laszlo Portrait Demo Online

Hugarian artist, Philip de Laszlo, was the undisputed succesor to the great John Singer Sargent.  John Howard Sandens’ website World of Portrait Painting has a wonderful article showing de Laszlo demonstrate and narrate his methodology. 

” I would like to point out that no artist can ever be absolutely sure of himself; even to pretend to think that he is infallible would be a most dangerous form of conceit. At no time can he afford to relax his effort to acquire greater acuteness of vision and more complete command over the technical processes of his craft. Of course, because he is human, he will always be liable to make mistakes, and he must constantly be on his guard against them; and when they do happen they must be frankly recognized and boldly dealt with. “ — Philip de Laszlo

View the article here>>


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