An Evening in the Classroom — Transcript

anevening_dunnHarvey Dunn published a small book of art instruction titled “An Evening in the Classroom.” It’s a compilation of his core instruction for artists, taken down by one of his female students.  The heart of this is material that he learned from his art teacher, the famed Howard Pyle.  This book is almost impossible to find.  George Pratt has transcribed a copy and made a digital PDF of this book which you can find on his VCU Class site.  This small book is a treasure trove of information.

Special thanks goes to Armand Cabrera for locating this book and bringing it to my attention.  Armand posted some quotes from this book on his blog Art and Influence.  I sent him a note asking if he knew where a copy of this book can be found, and he did a bit of searching and located this digital version.  Kudos Armand.


9 Responses to “An Evening in the Classroom — Transcript”

  1. i have an orriginal harvey dunn book, evening in the classroom, my email is it is signed by harvey dunn

    • sharon schaller Says:

      Ms. Cherry:: Are you interested in selling your volume? I go to Manchester, S.D. several times a yr. and walk where Harvey Dunn walked along the Redstone. I am currently in Ohio on vacation. Will check e-mails in 2 weeks. Thank you!!

  2. I also have an original “An Evening in the Classroom” signed by Harvey Dunn in 1935 that I am selling. What would offer? I was about to put it on eBay but thought I would check with you first. I understand there were only 1000 of these published and are extremely hard to find, especially signed.

  3. I have an original signed copy number 16 of 1000 of “An Evening in the Classroom.” Plus photos of Harvey Dunn dated 1935 Would like to sell.

    • I’m personally not in the market for a copy, but maybe someone who follows the blog is. Do you have a price in mind?

      • This book number 16 of 1000. The photos found in the book indicate it was owned by a member of the authors family. I have no idea what something like that is worth. Can you help?

      • Lonnie, I have tried to find this book for sale somewhere online but have been unable to find anything. It’s not even on ebay at the moment. I believe I’ve seen it there for $180, but can’t be certain. I’d suggest getting in contact with Illustration House in NY, the Delaware Art Museum, The Brandywine River Museum, or the South Dakota Art Museum. Someone at one of these places should be able to help you with this.

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