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An Evening in the Classroom — Transcript

Posted in Harvey Dunn on Friday, January 30, 2009 by Todd Shaffer

anevening_dunnHarvey Dunn published a small book of art instruction titled “An Evening in the Classroom.” It’s a compilation of his core instruction for artists, taken down by one of his female students.  The heart of this is material that he learned from his art teacher, the famed Howard Pyle.  This book is almost impossible to find.  George Pratt has transcribed a copy and made a digital PDF of this book which you can find on his VCU Class site.  This small book is a treasure trove of information.

Special thanks goes to Armand Cabrera for locating this book and bringing it to my attention.  Armand posted some quotes from this book on his blog Art and Influence.  I sent him a note asking if he knew where a copy of this book can be found, and he did a bit of searching and located this digital version.  Kudos Armand.


Harvey Dunn, An Evening in the Classroom

Posted in Harvey Dunn on Friday, January 30, 2009 by Todd Shaffer

Armand Cabrera has posted a few excerpts from Harvey Dunn’s virtually-impossible-to-find-book ‘An Evening in the Classroom.’  Here’s one:

To paint a mass simple and big you must keep out all the lights and darks that do not belong to its general value.

If anyone knows where to find this book, digitally or physically, please let me know.