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Gerhartz, Christensen, Weistling, Burdick on DVD

Posted in Artists, Demonstrations, Resources on Tuesday, November 28, 2006 by Todd Shaffer

Imagine having 3 to 6 hours to watch a great artist create a painting from start to finish.  That’s just what Lilliedahl Studio has done.  They have produced a small library of ‘guest artist’ DVD’s of some of the most talented, highly collected traditional artists working today.  Dan Gerhartz, Scott Christensen, Morgan Weistling, Scott Burdick and many others have been under the camera, so to speak. 

The DVD’s are taped at the artist’s studio, in their environment.  They discuss their materials and their procedure, sometimes breaking out of the demonstration to address a certain thing. 

I have purchased all 4 of the first DVD’s produced with these artists, and they are all fantastic.  What you will learn from them is stuff you can’t get from a book, nor from most art schools or workshops.  If you’re serious about growing as an artist, you will spend the extra money to get these DVDs.

 Huihan Lui is scheduled for next year, and that’s one you won’t want to miss either.

Go to Lillidahl’s Guest Artist DVD’s